Cathy McKenzie


Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.

1810 15th Place NW, Suite 100

Issaquah, WA 98027

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Office: (425) 392-6600

Mobile: (425) 463-6794

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Transaction Coordination

I provide Transaction Coordination services on a per contract basis. My services include review of the contract to determine if there any missing initials or addenda, creating a Transaction Information Sheet, preparing the Transaction Worksheet and Commission Disbursement forms, along with a schedule and calendar of timelines. I email reminders of each contingency, follow up with the lender to confirm loan application is complete, appraisal ordered and report at value, loan docs to Escrow, etc. I coordinate with Escrow, review the title for issues, and make sure we are ready to close. I communicate with the client four times: introduction with a copy of the calendar, what to expect at closing, congratulations and an email in January with a copy of the final HUD.